Baby Massage

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Some benefits of Baby Massage

Skin-to-skin with your baby aids the release of oxytocin the ‘hormone of love’ which increases bonding and attachment between baby and parent.

Endorphins the body’s natural stress relievers are released when massaged, which will help your baby feel contented and loved.

Developing your sense of touch increases your confidence and allows your baby to feel protected and loved.

Massage strengthens your babies immune system, relaxes their belly which aids digestion and increases oxygen absorption due to easy belly breathing.

Class information

Location: TBC

When: Wednesday morning (upon request)

Time: 10am – 11am

Suitable for babies: 6 weeks to crawling


2021/2022 Dates

If you would like to learn baby massage techniques, do get in touch.

Props to bring: Yoga Mat, cushion or folded blanket (belt, bolster, blocks optional). Please bring a towel or blanket for your baby to lie on and a blanket (for yourself, to cover you for relaxation).

If you would like to massage your baby with oil please ensure you skin test the oil on your baby first.  Place a little oil on the top of your babies arm, wait for an hour to see if there is an allergic reaction. If there is a reaction, use a different oil.

Example oils: olive oil (yellow), grape seed oil, mustard seed oil, fascinated coconut oil, organic sunflower oil.

Alternatively if you prefer not to use oil, you can practise the massage techniques through your babies clothing.